At Mas Marroch we are the home team with the ambience to our favor, but we also like to play as the visiting team. We are pleased to go further, come cook at your house, share your celebration where you consider most special.
Being a participant in your most important day motivates us, with your most praised people, in yourmost singular space, to help you achieve the total success. And there isn’t a best victory than the one that requires the maximum effort. We like challenges.

Since its beginnings, El Celler de Can Roca’s cuisine has moved through the walls of the restaurant to be in an infinity of events or celebrations that are now part of the social life of the country. The arduous work that our research and development team, together with organisations dedicated to the food investigation such as IRTA or Alicia, dedicate to the control and optimisation of the elaboration and moving processes of the gastronomic products guarantees the maximum quality with the maximum security and the maximum probability of success.