Avant-garde and tradition.

The knowledge of the classic cuisine added to the culture of the academic cuisine together with the application of concepts and advanced techniques, make the masterful formula of our cuisine. It is a contemporary cuisine with traditional roots; sometimes futuristic, sometimes present, sometimes the heir of the cuisine passed on generation after generation. We integrate our grandmother’s cuisine, our mother’s, the current one and we also take a  wink at the gastronomy we think the future will grant us. We are very proud to be the third generation of the Roca family in front of the stove.

In Mas Marroch we want you to experiment the pleasure for the haute cuisine that brings hundreds of people from all over the world to enjoy a table in El Celler de Can Roca. That is why we propose a culinary idea that combines new dishes with our classics: Timbale of apple and duck liver with vanilla oil (1996), Iberian suckling pig (2000), or European Lobster parmentier with black trumpet mushrooms (1988) are dishes that are part of the gastronomy culture of the country and are still present in our cuisine. And among the most recent, some of the innovative desserts created by Jordi: Milk desserts (milk caramel, sheep’s milk ice cream, sheep’s milk curd-cheese foam, sheep’s milk yoghurt and milk cloud); the fragrances adapted or the Lemon cloud (bergamot cream, lemon compote, lemon distilled-water granita, muffin ice cream, lemon sugar).

Our cuisine is solidly built on the foundation of the cuisine of El Celler de Can Roca. This enables us to adapt to banquets the techniques of the best cooks, the highest level research and the knowledge of the best products. We do so applying the adequate treatment to every product in order to obtain its maximum value and take it to the table in its best condition.

The creative process of the El Celler de Can Roca cuisine has as a starting point several concepts that create a masterful formula out of the inspiration of the Roca Brothers. The result is a cuisine that works as a generational and social link, in which everyone can feel happy: it is modern, traditional, classic, contemporary, thoughtful, daring. In Mas Marroch we adapt at a large-scale some of the dishes of El Celler, from the classics to the most famous worldwide, from the avant-garde dishes to the most creative, up to the novelties that emerge from the Roca Brothers’ stove.

The gastronomy becomes a link between cultures. The table has always been a bridge between generations, between different languages, different origins. In Mas Marroch we take it into account: we work to satisfy the wide range of possible necessities. Our table links the everyday cuisine of a humble house of meals of a neighbourhood with the first level gastronomic experience worldwide. 

There is no party without wine.

Wine is celebration, the wish of fortune, the yearning of health, the raise of your glass, the toast. And yet, it is much more than that, wine is to taste, feel, converse. We see wine as a tool to share, as a culture. The Mas Marroch proposal is an opportunity to approach wine with knowledge and intensity, an entrance door, open to a fascinating universe of emotions. The more you know the wine, the higher the capacity to enjoy it as well as the satisfaction through its moderate and responsible use.
The Sumiller’s Bistro of our aperitifs, a bar where to savour wines especially selected by Josep Roca, offers the possibility to know special wines, taste wines which are not always in the usual business circles, either because of the grape variety, its origin, because of its price in restaurants or because it is very hard to find because its production is very limited.
And at the table, you will have the guarantee of the research work and the knowledge behind El Celler de Can Roca in order to offer the most suitable wine for each occasion: harmonies among dishes and wines adjusted to flavours and aromas criteria and also associated to cultural habits of memory, customs and geographic origin. The most adequate wine for each moment and each situation. 

A sweet world.

A wedding, a christening, a golden anniversary, an anniversary… the sweetest day.
Sweet feelings, sweet emotions, sweet memories. It is a day for you to feel on top of a cotton candy cloud, with the excitement of a child with a caramel fruit, with the euphoria after scoring a goal, intoxicated by a perfume’s scent, by the tenderness of childhood memories. A day to feel you are part of a sweet world.
The desserts we propose, from the creative, imaginative and usually transgressor Jordi’s sweet cuisine in El Celler de Can Roca, are ideal for their freedom, their subtleness, their evocative and surprising ability.

As Jordi says, “a stroll, a landscape, a smell, a story, a noise, a transgression, an emotion… any path can take us to creativity”. The sweet moment of a meal allows us to take risks and surprise, far from the rigour and seriousness of the propositions of the main courses of the menu; it is that moment when the limit between the established and the fascination is possible. But this cuisine that can be qualified as emotional and which takes a main role in Mas Marroch, is the fruit of a meditated process of investigation and elaboration, and uses flavours, aromas, temperatures and textures with the aim to transmit sensations and create concrete moods: the happiness of the citrus, the melancholy of the moist aromas, the euphoria of the balm ingredients, the tenderness of the dairy… 

And also now with the most fascinating ice-creams emerged from the Rocambolesc’s magic factory.