Jean Anthelme Brillant-Savarin, author of the first gastronomy treatise (The Physiology of Taste, 1825), said that the host’s job is to assume the responsibility of the guests’ happiness as long as they are under our roof.
At Espai Mas Marroch we are driven by the firm intention to put in your hands all the necessary tools to make you the perfect host on the day of your celebration. The surroundings, the food, the atmosphere, the drinks, our total attention and implication is destined to accomplish the maximum satisfaction of those whom you gather around the table.

The Space

The Mas Marroch (Country House) is a XV century Gothic house located on the outskirts of Girona in a natural environment. Contiguous to the Country House there is a newly built wide space for banquets following the architectural lines of maximum integration with the surroundings and with minimalist aesthetics looking for the complete modularity and adaptation to any kind of event.
Attached to the Main Room, an auxiliary glazed highly illuminated room delights you with a glance to the fruit plantations of the same house.
The Centenary Gardens surrounding the house are a magnificent setting for outdoor celebrations in the middle of the nature before the beauty of the stones that build the Country House. They are also ideal to savour the aperitifs, an open view of the meaning of the present gastronomy for the Roca Brothers. Wide and elegant, illuminated and romantic, the colour changes of a surprising landscape in every season are an extraordinary ally to our seasonally adapted cuisine.

And our new space, The Agora. We have created this singular ecosustainable building so you and your guests can enjoy under a natural pergola made of Km Zero stones. 

The space is not meant to be the protagonist in Mas Marroch: an ambience of simplicity and the research for the essential shall prevail. The decoration is never intended to have a main role because the environment should never attract the real interest of a celebration: you are the protagonists, the atmosphere is an harmonic accompaniment. Straight and clean lines, blacks and whites, simplicity in the shapes, basic colours, minimalism.
With the old sheds of the Country House as a starting point, the current design of the banquet’s space of the Mas Marroch is a piece of work by Sandra Tarruella’s interior design study. Her study, specialised in the decoration of restaurants and hotels, is also responsible for the transformation of the old Torre de Can Roca into the current El Celler de Can Roca. It was a finalist in the FAD awards of 2009 intervention in which she created a modern yet cosy ambience playing with the light, spaces and materials.

Mas Marroch is a space open to the organisation of any kind of event. An adjustable space which manages to create different environments without having to move anywhere else. A changeable space: and auditorium, a living room, a fair, a concert, a classroom, an event’s hall. A hermetic space where you can enjoy a celebration without disturbing or being disturbed. An isolated space: in the middle of the nature, surrounded by forests and fruit plantations, an oasis of calm and tranquility.

And finally, in the same plot of 8 hectares that surrounds the country house, a wide parking space that will make the access highly convenient for your guests.

Promise of Success

The experience grants us with the power to advise you; having come a long way gives us the ability to do so; the knowledge obtained from the daily observation makes us able to help you achieve everything you need. This is why we dare to present your event, your party, your celebration just the way you imagined it. We are with you to make the ideal dream come true.

We are absolutely convinced that success can only be reached provided that there is an optimal human team. And that is our best asset. From the reception to the cuisine, from the banquet room to the management of the event, we know the complicity among the team members is key to ensure the happiness of the guests. Simplicity, generosity, kindness, knowledge, predisposition, observation, naturalness and respect. Those are the principles and values we demand ourselves.

The transversality is also a key concept in our way of understanding things. Our work is a synergetic work among all the professionals that intervene in an event, in your event. We work with all of the actors who take part in it. And at the same time, we provide solutions that complement our proposal: photography, music, decorations and facilities, to name but a few.